In the course of the rediscovery of many Austrian emigrant artists, also Albert Reuss has duely been allotted an outstanding position. Because of his emigration to England in 1938, from where he never returned, his name used to ring a bell with only a very small number of collectors, especially in the German-speaking world. During his lifetime, he was supported by a few collectors and art lovers rather in England than in Austria.

Reuss artistic output is very much informed by his biography. Objects, floating relinquished through space and having lost any foothold, predominate his imagery; a piece of wood, randomly sitting in a landscape. Ripped out of their natural context, thoses objects tell the story of a voyage, of an kind of abandonment of an object that does not fit in its new environment. In Reuss' artwork, style and choice of subject-matter invoke an association with Surrealism. Dalí and Chriricco are but the two most important artists whose visual worlds and intentions bring to mind Reuss' artwork. Reuss' depictiosn of people has a similarly estranged air about them as those of his objects. Taken out of context, of time, of place, the pictured people appear oddly strange. Melancholic and lonely, but also calm and gentle, Reuss's creations remind the viewer of the art of Josef Floch. We would like to invite you to explore the enigmatic imagery of Albert Reuss for yourself.

We at Widder Fine Arts in Johannesgasse, Vienna specialise in fine arts from the classical modern period and from the inter-war years, particularly from Austria. No matter whether you already are an enthusiastic admirer of Albert Reuss' art or are just about to become one, you surely have come to the right place.

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